Stefanie Schulte

The focus in my work is both on the geometric partition of the canvas into a harmonic system and the analysis of the interaction between the colours themselves.

I see my artistic work as a combination of a “colour laboratory” and two dimensional architecture. My paintings are constructions, they are built by numerous layers of carefully elaborated shades of colour.

The primary and secondary colours are my two sets of triads which can be regrouped into harmonic and dissonant chords. Within the mathematic partition of the canvas and the repetitive patterns of colour fields, I am seeking a rhythm for the chords.

These rhythms are created like a sliding puzzle. The shades of colour are stacked up and shifted around like tectonic plates, until the final puzzle pieces to complete the construction are found.

I try to find a balance in my paintings between the simplicity of a clear visual message and the complexity that keeps the viewer intrigued.

All brushstrokes are placed freehand, without the help of rulers or tape. This way the result is warmer and more organic than hard edge geometric abstraction.

I like to classify my work as “Emotional Geometries” and I agree very much with the early statements of “Concrete Art”.


Stefanie Schulte (1972) is a German artist  

who studied Visual Arts in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

and is now based in Canberra, Australia.

Initially her work was centred in the medium of sculpture and has been exhibited in group and solo shows in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

After completing a PhD in Visual Arts in 2005, which was unanimously awarded the distinction “summa cum laude” by a panel of professors from five different Spanish Universities, she stopped her creative work to focus on her young family, who was then living in central London.

The family’s move to the fifth continent in 2015 turned into a new starting point for her work. With abundance of space and the inspiration of the Australian light, she set up a new studio and reconnected with her previous self, but this time her work is centred in colour. The hunger for colour had already started building up in her years as a sculptor and continued to grow during the time in busy London.

Her paintings have been exhibited in solo shows in the German Embassy (2017, "Architektur der Fläche"), The Grainger Gallery (2021, "Orange Wasn't Invited to the Party") and ANCA Gallery (2022, "Vivaldi's Seasons") in Canberra. She received an Art Residency in Stockholm, Sweden, (2020, Art Circle Residence— Europe Connect, see video links below), which she could not attend in person due to Covid travel restrictions. But her paintings travelled to the group show in the German Residence in Stockholm, Sweden, and were also included in a retrospective of all the past recipients of the Kunstförderpreis award in her home town of Neuss, near Düsseldorf, Germany (2021), an award she had received in 2000 after graduating from art school.

Stefanie is fluent in German, Spanish, English, understands Catalan,

and is currently learning Arabic.

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Essay by Curator and Writer Dr Paula Llull-Llobera on Stefanie Schulte's exhibition

"Orange Wasn't Invited to the Party"